General Merchandise

Revolutionise our shopping experience by enhancing and energising our customer offer. Get great operational and leadership training.

Status: Programme closed
General Merchandise

Key Information

Salary - £26k pa

Eligibility – 300 UCAS Points (or equivalent); 2:1 Degree

Length – 2 Years

In General Merchandise, we work as one team to bring great products to our customers across many different markets in Europe. We aim to serve our customers in-store and online, to give them a streamlined shopping experience, with products and ranges they love, at prices and quality they trust.

We cover a range of products which appeal to so many different customers – from the latest “craze” toy, to funky tableware to eco-friendly lightbulbs! We need to know our customers and understand what they love; which is why we work hard to develop our ranges, working with some of the most recognised global brands to get what’s right for our new and loyal customers

Innovation and creativity is important to us, as we have opportunities to developing exciting Tesco own-label ranges. We are passionate to introduce our own brands, which offer the quality and price that we all crave!

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So where could you fit in? 
Our General Merchandise programmes are in either Buying or Merchandising, and so we’re looking for people who can get behind our brand and who are able to understand our customers and match their needs. We are excited about people joining our team who are not only passionate about product, but are creative to challenge us with current affairs and external market data to help us be ahead of the developing competitive curve.

Our scale means that Buying and Merchandising in Tesco is a big responsibility – so where better to give you the opportunity to gain a broad base of experiences.

On the General Merchandise Graduate Programme, you will be working in either Buying or Merchandising in one of our 3 categories.
• Home & Seasonal
• Toys, Nursery, Recreation & Stationary
• Electrical & Entertainment

The General Merchandise Programme involves two x 1 year placements within your chosen career path, and we also run taster sessions to give you an insight into how other teams work in General Merchandise.
During the recruitment process, our team will talk to you about your preferred career path within General Merchandise.

What is Buying?
The Buying teams are responsible for developing and sourcing great product ranges, as well as making key decisions. The Buying teams work hand in hand with our merchandisers, marketing teams, technologists and suppliers to ensure they deliver precisely what our customers want, at a price they love.

What is Merchandising?
Merchandising is crucial part of the process of the product journey and delivers the ranges to the right locations, on time and on budget. Merchandising is highly proactive and strategic area of the business; as a consequence the teams are agile in their thinking and able to respond to customers’ needs; making it an exciting and dynamic place to work.

Whichever one you choose, all of our categories are passionate in developing great value ranges and source quality products which excite our customers and colleagues. At the heart of our categories, we ensure we have great trust-based relationships with our suppliers and customers.

All of our departments touch over 3,000 stores in both our European and UK markets. Our teams are based in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire.

If you’re passionate and excited about Tesco and products, and you think you can support us with our future vision and plans for General Merchandise, then please click on the link below – we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for a variety of experienced people who bring an array of technical and leadership skills which can help our teams be their best.

You’ll need to be keen to play a part in defining, building and launching an ambitious and exciting range of products that could affect the lives of millions of customers for years to come.

If you think you could be a part of the Tesco team, are highly motivated, with a passion for great products, then we’d really like to hear from you.

  • When stacked together, we sell enough Lego Mini figures that reach as high as 2,178 London Buses.
  • If we made one continuous roll of the amount of wrapping paper we sell, it would stretch from London to Sydney

    Please be aware, that as a candidate you can only apply for one Tesco Graduate scheme.

What you need to succeed

Read through the criteria to see if this programme is the right one for you.

Do you have:

To manage workload in a fast-paced environment

Good computer skills, including Word and Excel

To work with others and achieve success together

To put people and our customers at the heart of what you do

To be agile in the way you think, make decisions and handle change

To stick to your values and do the right thing, even when it’s tough

A positive attitude, and a way of inspiring confidence in others

To be connected to the latest thinking, inside and outside of the business

The hunger to drive your own career and become one of our leaders.

Passionate and excited about Tesco and productspassionate and excited about Tesco and products