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So, it’s time to apply! You’ll no doubt have loads of questions about this – what's the recruitment process like? Am I eligible? How do I write a CV that instantly grabs someone's attention? How do I impress my interviewer? These are all completely valid questions, so don’t panic. We’ve answered for you below:

Your Application

Eligibility Requirements

We have the tools and training essential to shaping our leaders of the future. If you're someone committed to our vision, with resilience, responsiveness and collaboration, here's where you can really make a difference. To be at your best in our programmes you'll need to have:

Undergraduates & Graduates
All office programmes – 300-320 UCAS (or equivalent); 2:1 Degree in any discipline.

Store Graduate programme requires a 2:1 Degree in any discipline and previous retail experience. 

Our Summer Intern programmes are suitable for students in their penultimate year at University.

All Programmes – 240 UCAS, GCSE Maths & English C or above (+ Science or ICT for Technology Apprenticeship)

Do I need previous experience?
We do not require any specific work experience for any of the programmes we offer; however any work experience you have will be beneficial in helping you to answer our competency based questions when at interview/assessment centre.

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Recruitment Process

This page will give all the insight you need to our recruitment process

Online application form. Online testing. Telephone interview. Assessment centre. 4 stages that could lead to an Offer to join us. If this seems a little daunting, don’t fret. We’ve broken it all down for you as you scroll across. This is your first chance to impress us, so grab it with both hands. 

This is your first chance to impress us, so grab it with both hands.

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    Stage One

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    Stage Two

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    Stage Three

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    Stage Four

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    Stage Five

The application form is the first opportunity you have to tell us all about you, so as painful as it may seem its 100% worth it. But to make sure we get everything we need, triple check your contact details and spelling throughout and we would always advise to save your application regularly to ensure you don’t lose any of your great work.

We will need you to take a couple of tests but these are online so you can take them in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. But make sure you are in a quiet place with no disturbances and make the most of the practice tests online.

After your application has been reviewed you will be invited to book an Interview Slot. This will be a 40-60 minute, competency based interview and we would recommend looking up and using the STAR technique to answer your questions. Remember to research Tesco and be confident in your answers. This is a great opportunity to ask us lots of questions, so don’t be shy. 

Once you have been notified that your interview was successful you will be able to book onto an assessment centre online. The Assessment centre will include a group exercise, face to face interview and a presentation. First impressions always count so always prepare as much as possible and arrive on the day in plenty of time feeling confident and looking smart. 

We will be in touch fairly quickly from the assessment centre. For those unsuccessful candidates we appreciate the time they have invested therefore will give them full feedback from the day. For those of you that are offered a fantastic position we will begin to introduce you to members of your future team and ensure you have a great understanding of the business you are stepping into. 

CV Skills Workshop

How do you write a great CV? This is how:


Interview and Assessment Centre Skills Workshop

Interested in what makes an awesome interview? Check this out:



Want an extremely helpful list of FAQs? Here you go:

Please withdraw your application by contacting and reapply to the correct scheme

All applications are welcome however Tesco are unable to support with securing a VISA.

Please visit the NARIC Website by clicking here.

  • Welwyn Garden City
  • Stores / Distribution – All over UK

Everyone is welcome to apply to any of our schemes as long as you meet our eligibility requirements.

After your programme you will be promoted into the role you have been working hard to achieve. Your programme is designed to set you up ready for your career, once its finished you’ll be on your way.

Of course! But make sure you use any feedback you received to improve this time round.

We ask that you only apply to one scheme but if you have a second choice please remember to tell us on your application form. Whilst going through the recruitment process we may give you the advice that you are better suited to another programme. We will always have your best interests at heart.

Absolutely. We welcome any one of any age!